Individual Therapy for Adults and Children, Group Therapy, Marital / Couples Counseling

We treat all concerns from mild stressors to severe mental illnesses. Psychotherapy works best when you and your therapist coordinate in creating a treatment plan and then working together to put it into effect. The treatment plan can be a roadmap of what will be done in the therapy to address your individual needs and situation. For some this plan may include deepening an understanding of our relationships and life circumstances. While for others, the task may be to directly address a single problem in a direct and solution-oriented manner. Just as each person is unique, so is each therapy a unique combination of elements that is tailored for you.

Therapy with children, teenagers and adults alike is used to help persons understand their feelings, conflicts, and the consequences of their behaviors. With children, this occurs through a combination of healthy play interactions, role-modeling, imaginary play, sand-tray therapy, art-therapy, and other forms of visual and non-verbal creative therapies that help children identify and recognize their feelings and conflicts. Staltaro Psychological Services has developed a Child-Centered Play Therapy that emphasizes positive self-esteem building, personal responsibility, and healthy emotional development.

Psychotherapy is a learning process for both the consumer and the treating clinician. The beginning phases of therapy include getting to know you, and developing a genuine understanding of who you are as a person. Over time, patterns of thinking or behaving begin to appear and the clinician looks for such patterns and attempts to understand them further. In some instances, these patterns can be quickly identified as being consistent with common diagnostic categories such as depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress, obsession, compulsions, or other disorders. As our understanding of your life and your struggles deepens so does our ability to construct an effective treatment plan.

Adult psychotherapy is provided in a collaborative approach where the client takes an active role in identifying treatment goals and working with the therapist toward those goals. Therapy occurs in a supportive and optimistic atmosphere within which pragmatic and reasonable solutions to life problems can be identified and achieved.


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